How to Sell Using the NFT Knox RESERVE

Step 1: Register your mailing address.

Step 2: The eligibility of the asset's condition is evaluated based on the grading from a reputable institution. Currently, we accept CGC and CBCS graded comics, as well as PSA and BGS graded cards. Other accepted institutions are coming soon.

Step 3: Ship the Collectible to NFT Knox RESERVE processing location after confirming your mailing address. To facilitate this process, please email our Support Team directly. This will allow you to:
1. Create a shipping label.
2. Set the 'buy now' price for the item.
3. Set a minimum 'bid' price for the item.
4. Provide a detailed description of the item, including its grading.

Step 4: After receiving your asset, NFT Knox takes care of the minting and listing of the NFT. Additionally, we ensure secure storage and preservation of the asset. Rest assured that your collectible will be well-preserved and protected throughout its journey with us.