How to Sell Using the NFT Knox RESERVE

To provide foolproof accuracy of where we ship the asset in the event of a redemption, we ask you to confirm your physical mailing address by way of signing with your MetaMask wallet as a first step. Once completed, this data is stored and connected to your wallet - with a two-step verification process to validate the mailing address at the time of redemption.

Register Mailing Address

The Eligibility of the asset is based upon its graded condition from a verifiable institution.
We currently accept CGC and CBCS graded comics, as well as PSA and BGS graded cards.

Next, you ship the collectible to our NFT Knox RESERVE processing location. Filling out the form on our Create Listing pape will allow you to:

  • create a shipping label
  • set the ’buy now’ price of the item
  • set a minimum ‘bid’ price on the item
  • provide a description of the item, including grading

Once we receive the asset, NFT Knox handles the minting of the NFT in addition to secure storage and preservation of the asset.